Are you like many other owners and business partners in business today? Do you feel that it’s time for change? Are you asking yourself questions like the following:

  • Are you concerned about the direction of your company, or maybe even its sustainability?

  • Have your profit margins been eroding?

  • Are your insider lieutenants telling you that everything will be fine; that things are bound to improve over time?

Maybe for them it will, because let’s face it – they have a vested interest in telling you what you want to hear, instead of telling you what you NEED to hear. Insiders do NOT like change. Why you ask? – Because change might very well upset their lifestyle; their paycheck; their authority; their influence; their job! If you want some honest feedback, we should talk soon.

Here’s Why


Believe me, I can identify with those kinds of problems. I’ve been in those kind of situations before and I know how hard it is sometimes to pull the plug on the old adage

“but we’ve always done it this way before”


You’re in business to make money and your profits are NOT what they used to be. I know that because I’ve been there too.

The good news is that I can help you by

In the past



we’ve all seen the continued presence of facilitators & middlemen gaining more and more traction in an ever increasing competitive environment. They have eaten into your customer base, and more importantly into your bottom line. Even your national affiliation (if you have one) might be creating problems rather than solutions.

And the real kicker in all this upheaval is that they’ve managed to do it without any of the capital investments that you’ve made:


The first thing you can do is reassess your vision, your strategy and your future business plans. That’s where I can help you, because that’s where my background and experience brings the kind of objective perspective that comes with an insider’s knowledge. If you want real objectivity, then we should talk soon.

Here’s Why

I can bring you my practical turnaround experience

and not only help identify specific pain points, but more importantly help analyze potential solutions. This process will take us through a series of profitability metrics that dive deep down into the root of the problems – not the symptoms, but the root causes that are making your hard work and invested capital bring less of a return than you would like to see.

What is Turnaround Consulting?

Isn’t that something you want to see happen?


The key here is to gain the help of someone who has


best interests at heart.

You’re already hearing the noise effects from the typical insiders – your lieutenants who work for you; your peer group buddies; your facilitators who continue to lean on you for more giveaways. Isn’t it time to take hold of your own future and reassess your future priorities?



How do you stack up against your competition?

Are you providing Lean Six Sigma type performance?

If so, you’re most likely the only company doing so, because Six Sigma means that your number of defective services provided is

out of
service opportunities

Let’s be honest here – virtually no one in your line of business is providing Six Sigma service, but there ARE avenues available for improving your quality levels to the point where YOU can command a premium for your services. Wouldn’t that be a nice position to be in?


My background and experience

also includes the fact that I am Lean Six Sigma Certified by the Six Sigma Global Institute.


you might be saying to yourself right now – so what does that do for me and my company?

Well, what it means is that I have the necessary tools AND experience to help gather the necessary data points, brainstorm the symptoms with you, and then to most importantly find the root cause issues and create actions plans for fixing those pain points that are driving your consistency of quality down rather than up. Driving consistency of quality up is something that WILL help your company survive and prosper into the future, and it WILL put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to pricing your services.

Tell me more about Six Sigma


Let’s say that you considering an expansion in the U.S. – maybe even an international expansion – a merger, an acquisition, or maybe even the sale of your company sometime in the near future? I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of horror stories from your colleagues – you know – the ones that went out and thought they were getting such a great opportunity, only to find out


that the so called great deal turned out to be a real flop, meaning they wasted a lot of hard earned money. What are you going to do to make sure that you don’t end up with the same kind of result? Do you think that you are proficient enough – be honest here – to navigate the high level and detailed planning stages of a Merger & Acquisition Playbook? If not, you need someone like me to help guide you through the complexities of these types of transactions.

Here’s Why

My background and experience includes:

  • Top executive level experience with leveraged buyouts
  • Distressed business turnarounds
  • Full-scale asset dispositions
  • Geographical expansion purchases
  • Market segment acquisitions and sales
  • Bankruptcy avoidance measures

I have seen first-hand the pitfalls of poor planning, inadequate experience, and overzealous buyers and sellers.

Working with me will help you get the:

right the FIRST time!

I make sure that you are adhering to the guiding principles of M&A activities, the first of which is this – make sure that you have examined your vision and strategy from every conceivable perspective and that you have spared no time or expense in doing a proper amount of due diligence with objective expertise – that’s where I come in. I am a

Merger & Acquisition Specialist

which means you get the expertise that you need, and the outsider’s perspective with the insider’s knowledge! Don’t leave things to chance – make sure that you do it right – the first time. Invest some money up front to make sure you don’t waste your money after the fact – when it’s too late – by making ill-informed decisions.

I need Merger & Acquisition assistance


Bottom Line Solutions LLC is led and managed by Jim Bender, a thirty+ year veteran with an abundance of executive level experience. Our mission is simple – we exist to help companies improve their financial performance and overall consistency of quality service. Pretty basic stuff, right! So what makes us so unique, and what qualifies us to add value to your company?

The simple answer to those questions is this – we offer you the benefit of having an outsider’s perspective with an insider’s knowledge. You want objective advice and counsel from someone who tells it the way they see it, rather than telling you what someone thinks you want to hear. That’s the job of insiders in your company.

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